With our managed database services, you can harness the power of your data while keeping sole control over your assets. Our expert team is there to assist you and always take care of the database administration and infrastructure, including set-up, backup, scalability and security. We value your time and thus, always ensure to save yours and ours time and money, so you can concentrate on building and deploying your business while we take care of your database through different IT solutions.


PHP MySQL is an open-source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that employs Structured Query Language (SQL) (SQL). It is best known for its quick processing, proven reliability, ease to use, and flexibility. MySQL is a required component of almost each open source PHP application. WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal are some of the good examples of PHP and MySQL-based scripts. We provide a wide range of free MySQL tools, such as CMS systems, forums, galleries, blogs, shopping carts, and more. We also have extensive experience providing tech assistance for MySQL-powered websites. We understand how important MySQL is, and provide a wide range of free MySQL solutions.

Amazon DynamoDB

DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database that facilitates both the document and key-value store storage models. Its adaptable data model, dependable performance, and auto-scaling of throughput make it an excellent choice for mobile, web, playing games, ad tech, IoT, and a variety of other applications. We are well versed in this database system and can help you and your team navigate through it. Our DynamoDB solutions are an excellent choice for mobile, internet, gaming, ad technology, and IoT applications that require scalability, throughput, and consistent performance.


PostgreSQL is a very powerful object-relational database system that is free and open source. It has been inactive development for more than 15 years and has a proven structure that has managed to earn it a strong reputation for dependability, data integrity, and accuracy. At code metrics, our team will help you understand and navigate through this and teach you how to handle this data service. Our PostgreSQL solutions can best fit your business requirements.


The Node.js node-OracleDB add-on powers high-performance Oracle Database applications. TypeScript or JavaScript can be used to write applications. To connect Node.js 12 or later to Oracle Database, use node-OracleDB 5.3. Early versions of node-OracleDB may be compatible with older Node.js versions. We at code metrics offer Node-OracleDB that can support both basic and advanced Oracle Database as well as Oracle Client features. Our solutions maintain the open-source node-OracleDB module and are also stable, well-documented, and have a robust test suite.


MongoDB provides a flexible data model that can help you in organizing and storing any type of data, including documents. MongoDB is an ideal platform for building modern applications that can deploy, run and scale the leading NoSQL database. At Codemetrics, our team handles all the database service management, including maintenance, security, backup, set-up, and scalability so that our customers can focus on delivering great features in their applications. With our help, you can stay updated with a detailed assessment of the overall health of your existing application data landscape and you can also identify optimization opportunities to ensure that you are ahead of your competitors.

Microsoft Sequql Server

Microsoft SQL Server is an RDBMS that is used in corporate IT environments to support a wide range of processing transactions, business intelligence, and analytics applications. Microsoft SQL Server is among the top three database technologies on the market. With an aim to provide the best IT solutions, we offer Microsoft SQL Server solutions that can smoothly manage databases and access the data. We are well-versed with the latest tools and technologies and ensure and we will assist you in entering the game of the leading companies.


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