Shorten your development process and time and enjoy operation through high-quality software. We work to combine IT operations and software development using DevOps. Hire our experts to make the process easier, faster and advanced with the latest tool integrations. Develop a website and application that is secured and of superior quality. At Codemetrics, we have years of experience in the Cloud environment, our team of DevOPs experts help you with DevOps solutions that can help businesses stay abreast with the market trends and deliver top software updates to their users.


By focusing on performance, cost, optimisation and license, we offer a data-driven approach that can help businesses with a far-reaching change in a time of compressed transformation. Our experts can help you build, optimize, design, secure and manage cloud infrastructure. We understand what digital presence means in today’s advanced world and thus, we strive to provide AWS solutions that make the impossible things possible for you. With the help of our knowledge and well trained staff, we help our clients with a scalable and easily accessible architecture design that is monitored and managed at all times. Our AWS services include maintenance and daily monitoring of your applications and server health including the AWS DevOps Automation, provision of databases and applications, etc.

Google Cloud

With a team of certified Google Cloud experts, our Google Cloud Platform supports an open and secure path to multi cloud transformation that can offer you access to the latest innovative technologies and enables you to meet your strategic goals, Build a truly customer-centric enterprise and much more. By working collaboratively with our clients we accelerate your journey to the Google Cloud Platform by leveraging a certified team along with a portfolio of the latest tools and agile methodologies. For delivering top-quality cloud computing expertise and end-to-end support to our customers, we have now become a reputed name when it comes to Google Cloud platform.


Codemetrics helps organizations across India and worldwide to do incredible things with the help of the latest Microsoft Azure. We are experts in integrating, securing and governing solutions that can greatly enhance the overall performance of your IT systems as well as reduce the cost. Our Microsoft Azure solutions are fully scalable and flexible to adapt to the new business requirements. At Codemetrics, you are provided with fully managed IT solutions that can perfectly fit your organization’s requirements. Our high-quality solutions help you in making a smooth transition from on-premise IT systems to Microsoft Azure.



Our experts know the importance of continuous integration and continuous deployment, with the help of Jenkins, we build and test our customer’s application to ensure that their application is working smoothly without any issues. With Jenkin, we empower to overcome any challenges and updates that customers might be facing on a day-to-day basis. Codemetric keeps its goal simple and straight-forward that is to empower our clients to achieve more. We offer IT solutions that are specifically curated to help agencies be abreast with today's ever-evolving marketing trends.


With the help of our experts you can improve the performance of your application with our Selenium’s Test Automation Services. No matter if you own a big business or a small enterprise, we have a comprehensive range of selenium testing services that can majorly help you in fine tuning and improving the quality of your application. From test automation framework set for mobile, desktop and web apps to robust maintenance, script creation and test automation training, Codemetrics is always at your rescue when it comes to providing the best Selenium’s Test Automation Services.


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