Easy Solutions For All Difficult IT Problems

Codemetrics understands the real benefit of mobility, security, social and web platforms and so much more. We are your one-stop-solution for efficient enterprise solutions that can help your business develop a sustainable future. We deliver enterprise solutions that solve today’s issues, and work on being one-step ahead of your competitors. Our aim at Codemetrics is to deliver next-gen solutions that can take your business to the next level. With a team of highly- knowledgeable experts, we understand our client’s requirements thoroughly to offer them an easy approach while giving top-notch enterprise solutions like Custom Application Development, Enterprise Consulting, Systems Integration, Enterprise Information Management, and so much more. Our solutions are created to focus on the client’s specifications and to work best for their business.

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How Our Work Process?

Taking Order
We assist our clients with all the necessary information before finalizing the deal. The deal is only closed after understanding the requirements of the client.
Collecting requirements
We partner with our clients and ensure that all their requirements and expectations are understood thoroughly by our team to avoid any kind of discrepancies.
Estimate Budget
Once our team is well-aware of our client’s requirements, we give an estimated budget that can fit well to what the client is expecting.
Confirm Order
Only after confirming all the requirements, budget details and other other necessary things, we confirm the order and ensure that everything remains transparent between the parties involved.
  • Making Sketch
  • Converting Sketch to HTML
  • Debuging HTML code
  • Deliver Static HTML
  • Database Designing
  • Start Developing
  • Start Testing
  • Fix the Tested Issues
  • Deliver the Project
  • Collect issue from users
  • Setup and Maintain
  • Keep Up to Date Software